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Server software is installed on every SVIDIA DVR. The server software is the center of our DVRs, and carries out many of the core features that you won’t find with any other system. The software analyzes, compresses, streams, and records relevant video footage. Because of the seamless functionality of the server software, users can stream live and recorded video to connected clients, control I/O devices, and record to the database simultaneously with no interruptions. Below are some of the highlighted benefits of the server software:

Ease of Use

There is no server software maintenance required. Authorized users can also access the software and perform analytic functions like motion search from anywhere in the world.


No Loss of Detail, No Wasted Space
The server software receives uncompressed video from the hardware for processing. The raw video is analyzed before it is compressed, for both noise (using NIP) and actual motion. This prior-to-compression analyses ensures whatever is important will be recorded and played back exactly as the camera sees it, and whatever is unimportant (noise) will never rob you of data storage space.


Optimum Performance

Not only does the software bring out the best performance in cameras, but it also self regulates for optimum software performance. Because S‑VIDIA systems allow up to 32 remote user connections to view live and recorded images simultaneously, it is imperative that each system manages resources effectively. The server software communicates between connected clients, allocating resources to the most vital tasks.

Secure Video Security

The server software is equipped to store even the most sensitive data. All outgoing video transmissions are passed through 128 bit encryption. Also, S‑VIDIA decryption keys change intermittently, ensuring secure transmission of data at all times.

Hybrid Capability

S‑VIDIA server software renders the best possible performance for any camera, including analog, IP and Megapixel.



Easy to Install & Maintain

S‑VIDIAs VCore software is designed to be installed on Windows based systems which meet our minimum specifications. Once downloaded, just follow the on-scree directions to get started. System does not require any usual maintenance or scheduled restarts!


Key Software Features:

  • Recored digital video at signal resolution for up to 80 Mega Pixel(total).
  • Analyzes motion prior to compression for greater accuracy (PTC).
  • Isolates video noise caused by CCTV cameras to reduce size and increase quality.
  • Uses proven Flexible Delta software compression method.
  • View and Record video from Mega Pixel, IP and Analog cameras in natice resolution.
  • All outgoing streaming video is passed through 256-Bit Encryption for seurity.
  • Works with Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives 8.0 for advanced video processing.
  • RAM is not used to store video; unexpected shutdowns will not cause lost video data.
  • Due to PTC, prior recording is not recessary. Motion record trigger sensitive to 4×4 Pixels.
  • Search by Time/Date and Fast video database motion search. Upwards of 1000fps search speed.
  • All cameras are synchronized on live view and database search/playback.
  • Create virtual motion trigger zones for integration and block out unwanted motion.
  • System can record based on visual object size.
  • Uses intelligent resource management to control outgoing FPS and bandwidth to maintain system, network and video stream stability.
  • Up to 32 parallel remote or local monitoring connections.
  • Create an unlimited number of system administrators and access limitable user accounts.
  • Built in Pan Tilt Zoom control. Control up to 16 PTZ cameras from each individual camera view.
  • Integrate with I/O devices such as alarm panels, sensors, automated homes, etc. via R-CAD™
  • Can be set to Record on Motion, Record on Trigger, Constant Recording and/or Interval Recording.
  • Recorded video can be set to recycle or stop at full storage.
  • Automatic database back up can be used to store video on external local or remote storage.
  • System Scheduler can be used to set system alerts, recording sechedules, camera configuration schedules and system events.
  • Notification of any system change can be sent via email.
  • System logs keep all server changes.

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*You will need to register your server and/or your license key in order to download the server software.