Multi-Monitor Video Clients


The remote S-VIDIA™ Multi Monitor Video Client (MMVClient) is an application that allows connections via network to multiple S-VIDIA™ VServer DVRs, HDVRs, and NVRs. The MMVClient system is based on a user / password entry and operates over a TCP/IP network. The Video MMVClient application has features that allow the user to view live video and control S-VIDIA™ DVRs from a remote station.

Features include:

a. View up to 200 cameras live or playback from S-VIDIA™ VServers on one monitor
b. Custom layouts
c. View up to 200 cameras live with map and alarm notification
d. View up to 600 cameras on one monitoring station (up to 6000fps total) on 6 monitors (depending on CPU performance)
e. Mega Pixel cameras are supported
f. Friendly GUI for an easy operation
g. Configurable live view screen display and multiple screens live view
h. Access to video archive for video search
i. Synchronized playback from multiple NVRs
j. Low Bandwidth 1-2MBps per 100cameras
k. Receive notification in real time
l. On-screen PTZ control, ROI for Megapixel cameras
m. Encrypted video stream 128bit
n. E-map
o. Access control
p. Automatic software updates
q. Instant playback