Mobile Clients

*Note: This software only works with S-VIDIA brand security video recorders


S‑VIDIA VClient V1.7 is a mobile client software designed for use with a mobile phone or tablet running Android OS Version 5.0 or higher. Our free download is designed to be used in conjunction with SVIDIA DVR,NVR,HDVR or Proxy servers via public wireless networks.

  • Monitor live video from multiple cameras
  • Play back recorded files and images
  • Search with fast smart-motion feature
  • Perform license-plate search, and face search
  • Reduce review time
  • Conduct video security investigations faster
  • Control alarm output and input
  • Control PTZ cameras

S‑VIDIA Video Client for Android

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S‑VIDIA VClient V2.3 is designed to be used with your OS 16.0 or higher iPhone or iPads. Our camera viewer is a video surveillance app that allows users to view from IP connected S‑VIDIA video servers. Use this app to view your cameras live and playback from anywhere you have an internet connection.

  • Connect only to S‑VIDIA security video recorder
  • Utilize low bandwidth with S‑VIDIA’s unique video transmission scheme
  • View up to 16 cameras per server connection
  • Playback and Search through your video
  • Manage multiple connection profiles to easily switch between video servers.
  • For use with all our cameras


S‑VIDIA Video Client for Apple IPhone and IPad

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