MMVC Version Information

MMVClient.NET (2018.06.04)
1. “All NVR connections added to play tabs” bug fixed.
2. Playback option renamed – “Playback from layout cameras only”.
3. Download help (description) added.
4. “PTZ control is not supported…” message added.
5. “SelCam not selected on layout change” bug fixed.
6. OD filter “Close” icon changed.
7. “Error (crash) SelCam recording without timeline” bug fixed.

MMVClient.NET (2018.05.31)
1. Analytics TabControl replaced by new multiline MTabControl.
2. More icons added to menu.
3. FullScreen “ObjectsDetector” bug fixed.

MMVClient.NET (2018.05.28)
1. ObjectsDetector menu bug fixed.

MMVClient.NET (2018.05.28)
1. Playback option (checkbox) – Playback selected cams only.
2. “DVR” tab renamed to “NVR”.
3. “Server” renamed to “NVR connection”.
4. Tray Icon created only for systems with single video monitor.
5. Selected camera quality (resolution) refreshed on “Enable NVR connection”.
6. Restore camera resolution after stop recording.
7. Clear NVR cameras on “Disable NVR connection”.
8. Display “Connection disabled” message on cameras with disabled connections.
9. Menu color changed to “Gray”.
10. “Disabled ‘Start Recording’ menu” bug fixed.

MMVClient.NET (2018.05.24)
1. Enable(connect)/Disable(disconnect) Server (from servers menu).
2. Full Screen Mode (from cameras menu).
3. “Check server connection” timer bug fixed.
4. “OnTop monitor” functionality with Full Screen mode.
5. Tray Icon functionality – “Open” (minimized application), “OnTop monitor” (from minimized application), “Exit” (close application).

MMVClient.NET (2018.05.21)
1. Server configuration moved from menu to Edit Server dialog.
2. New Server Tree Menu – Duplicate Server.
3. System Time – seconds added.
4. [ Live View] – [ Playback ] indication added (colored text labels).
5. Check Server connection code redesigned (quality update).