Professional High-Performance Video Management Software

This software is S-VIDIA’s solution mass video surveillance. This innovative S-VIDIA Software solution provides a secure, reliable and scalable system for both small sites and large multi-location operations. The S-VIDIA Video Management Software (SVMS) is a high-performance solution for monitoring video security in scenarios where system performance is critical for reviewing live and recorded video, especially in low bandwidth scenarios. S-VIDIA VMS supports up to 6 monitors and up to 1000 video streams from S-VIDIA NVRs.

Sample Dual Screen Interface

Real Time Video Analytics can be enabled to automatically identify certain events as they happen. For example, the system can be configured to notify when a person is in an area they are not supposed to be. S-VIDIA SVMS offers an array of tools to aid users find and save evidence. This software allows users to synchronously playback hundreds of cameras from multiple servers and locations. Multiple tools can be employed to find specific events. S-VIDIA’s powerful motion search feature allows users to identify motion events or missing/new objects. License plate and Facial Detection Search can also be employed where cameras are properly configured. Once an event has been identified it can be easily exported with multiple cameras from multiple NVRs into a single secure evidence file.


  • Works with virtually all IP cameras using S-VIDIA NVR or Proxy
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Connect to a limitless number of S-VIDIA servers
  • Up to 200 cameras per screen
  • Real-Time Video Analytics
  • Motion search
  • License Plate search
  • GPS Visualization
  • Facial Detection search
  • Video Analytic Smart notification
  • Synchronized playback from multiple S-VIDIA NVRs
  • Save video evidence from multiple NVRs into a single file
  • Alarm notification
Quick Video Review


CPU Intel i5 or above
Operating System 64-bit Windows 8.1, Windows 10
HDD 2GB MB available for software installation
RAM 8 GB or more
Video Card SVGA with 1GB video RAM, DirectDraw support recommended
Network Card 1000BASE-T or above
Monitor 1920 x 1080 minimum resolution Additional monitors must be same resolution 21 x 9 ratio monitors are recommended


CPU Intel i7 or above
Operating System 64-bit Windows 8.1, Windows 10
HDD 2GB available for software installation
RAM 16 GB or more
Video Card 2X SVGA with 4GB video RAM,  DirectDraw support recommended (GTX 1070Ti)
Network Card 1000BASE-T or above
Monitor 2X 1920 x 1080 minimum resolution Additional monitors must be same resolution 2X Stacked 21 x 9 ratio monitors are ideal

MMVC Version Information

MMVClient.NET (2018.06.04)
1. “All NVR connections added to play tabs” bug fixed.
2. Playback option renamed – “Playback from layout cameras only”.
3. Download help (description) added.
4. “PTZ control is not supported…” message added.
5. “SelCam not selected on layout change” bug fixed.
6. OD filter “Close” icon changed.
7. “Error (crash) SelCam recording without timeline” bug fixed.


MMVClient.NET (2018.05.31)
1. Analytics TabControl replaced by new multiline MTabControl.
2. More icons added to menu.
3. FullScreen “ObjectsDetector” bug fixed.

MMVClient.NET (2018.05.28)
1. ObjectsDetector menu bug fixed.


MMVClient.NET (2018.05.28)
1. Playback option (checkbox) – Playback selected cams only.
2. “DVR” tab renamed to “NVR”.
3. “Server” renamed to “NVR connection”.
4. Tray Icon created only for systems with single video monitor.
5. Selected camera quality (resolution) refreshed on “Enable NVR connection”.
6. Restore camera resolution after stop recording.
7. Clear NVR cameras on “Disable NVR connection”.
8. Display “Connection disabled” message on cameras with disabled connections.
9. Menu color changed to “Gray”.
10. “Disabled ‘Start Recording’ menu” bug fixed.

MMVClient.NET (2018.05.24)
1. Enable(connect)/Disable(disconnect) Server (from servers menu).
2. Full Screen Mode (from cameras menu).
3. “Check server connection” timer bug fixed.
4. “OnTop monitor” functionality with Full Screen mode.
5. Tray Icon functionality – “Open” (minimized application), “OnTop monitor” (from minimized application), “Exit” (close application).

MMVClient.NET (2018.05.21)
1. Server configuration moved from menu to Edit Server dialog.
2. New Server Tree Menu – Duplicate Server.
3. System Time – seconds added.
4. [ Live View] – [ Playback ] indication added (colored text labels).
5. Check Server connection code redesigned (quality update).