What is S-VIDIA?

S‑VIDIA is a company formed with the focus to create the ultimate security platform. The video recording technology implemented by S‑VIDIA was created with one purpose: Recording the highest quality evidence possible, while consuming minimal resources. Our proprietary compression method, Flexible Delta Compression (FDC) has been tested and proven in countless scenarios. This method outperforms the current security industry standards such as H.264 and H.265 in bandwidth efficiency, picture quality, and evidence reliability. The importance of utilizing a compression method designed specifically for the security industry is only recently been established. This is due to a lack of quality provided by the current multimedia compression methods. We are here to change the way the security industry looks at video compression.

Why is video compression important?

Videos take up a lot of space due to the frequency of images that are in them. Each frame is technically an image. When you need evidence of a person’s face or a license plate you will need an image, not the whole video. The problem with the current approach to viewing security video is that the images that are in it have to be reduced in size and quality in order to make the overall video file small enough to store or view remotely. The key point is that it determines the overall storage size and most importantly quality of the evidence. Without costly investment in technology, traditional compression methods such as h.264 don’t offer frame to frame image accuracy that people expect from security video evidence.


How does FDC set S‑VIDIA apart from the rest?

  • FDC records only what is important and necessary: changes or movement. Non-moving background is recorded separately from the moving foreground, as an image, allowing for outstanding clarity of the recorded movement. Conventional video security systems record hours of unnecessary background noise, and require lengthy searches to find an event. Because of FDC, S‑VIDIA users can run an automated search program for movement in a selected area and time, and let the computer compile the evidence.
  • FDC compression retains frames as separate images, allowing for true frame by frame recording and playback. This is important when pausing video for evidence retrieval. The system displays the exact image seen by the camera at any given moment. It is able to analyze real time raw video, because it spends less time processing each frame. H.264 and H.265 process video too slowly to produce detailed frames, resulting in lagging, skipping, and inadequate evidence.
  • FDC does not use hardware compression, meaning no quality or resolution is lost before analog video is processed by analytics. Analog and IP camera signals are analyzed prior to compression, allowing for the most accurate motion detection in the industry. FDC maximizes the performance of any type of camera used, from analog, to HD IP, to Ultra HD IP.
  • FDC stores and plays back the exact image seen by the camera, in full quality. Multi-media compression methods like H.264 and H.265 only store partial information about an image, and must reconstruct it from the key frame and the prediction frame. The image is then considered altered, and not 100% true to the original. Any alterations can keep recordings from qualifying as court admissible evidence. All frames processed with FDC are stored separately, watermarked, and encrypted, ensuring this will never happen to S-VIDIA clients.
  • FDC decreases costs, and saves time. S‑VIDIA DVRs use an average of 60% less recording space than conventional systems. The cost of an overall system deployment can be cut to the same degree. At the same time, video retention capabilities increase and evidence retrieval becomes instantaneous.

What else can it do?

Recording video is only the core of the system; the S‑VIDIA Video Security Platform is also capable of integrating cameras to communicate with each other and with other building devices. S‑VIDIA is capable of recording and streaming video over a secure military grade 128bit encrypted connection to any location on the internet or private network. Secure remote access to security video from anywhere in the world is possible with minimal latency. There is no way to demonstrate the power of S‑VIDIA on paper, you have to see it for yourself.

How do I get S‑VIDIA?

You can buy recorders directly from us or built a system of your own. We offer software license keys as well as pre-configured recorders and kits. Please visit our products section for more details.