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S-VIDIA provides a unique and innovative approach to security systems, capturing the highest quality possible in every facet of the security industry. S-VIDIA products provide superior image quality, performance, and efficiency of storage space and search time than anything else on the market. S-VIDIA Recorders offer unbeatable recording and storage efficiency, the highest quality possible, and indisputable court evidence. We use unique technologies such as our own video revolutionary compression method. The S-VIDIA Monitoring software allows users unparalleled ease of access to video feeds from multiple locations and recorders. Our company is a full service one stop shop, and is the perfect match for absolutely any security need. We can provide installation services all over the world and we happily service large chains and industries, or single-family dwellings. As your security needs advance our technology will be there to meet your demand. 

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S‑VIDIA is a security platform designed around a compression method intended for the security industry.


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The S-VIDIA Live demo will allow you to connect to a real world server using our S‑VIDIA Client software.

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The best design and functions together.

Our full line of CCTV products can meet the needs of a Do It Yourselfer or a Professional installer. Every product is vetted by our strenuous lab tests prior to being offered to our customers.



Software to meet your demand.

No matter if you are securing a home, small business, or major enterprise – S-VIDIA has you covered.

S‑VIDIA Video Server Application

Server software is installed on every S-VIDIA DVR. The server software is the center of our DVRs, and carries out many of the core features that you won’t find with any other system.

S‑VIDIA Video Client

The Video Client application has features that allow the user to view live video and control your system from a remote station. The remote software is almost identical to the server software so it is easy to use.

S-VIDIA Mobile Client

S‑VIDIA VClient V1.7 is a mobile client software designed for use with a mobile phone or tablet running Android OS Version 5.0 or higher or Apple IOS 5.0 or higher.

S‑VIDIA Proxy Encoder

S‑VIDIA Proxy Encoder is an application used for reducing bandwidth from cameras when streaming video over a network.


Our mission is to provide long lasting support for our customer’s security investment. S‑VIDIA regularly updates software to provide additional functionality, new features, and optimizations.

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S‑VIDIA was developed by a team that has worked in personal and property security for more than 30 years. The result is a highly advanced video security platform.